Flipora: End bookmarking and discover content

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Flipora could be the next best thing in content discovery or it could be headed for the dust heap of ideas that didn’t catch on. Enable Flipora in your browser and suddenly you’ll never need to worry about bookmarking again. Flipora, which was previously known as InfoAxe has been revamped to be a cross between StumbleUpon and Amazon’s recommendation formula, while also performing those bookmarking functions by keeping your browsing history – with your permission, of course. Once you register, your browsing history is searchable from any computer you visit. Beyond your browsing history Flipora promises to recommend great websites so it won’t be necessary to “stumble” onto stories that might interest you. It’s been described as “Pandora for websites.”

The people behind Flipora are banking on the idea that browsers everywhere (of the human kind) want to automate the history on their browsers (of the computer kind) so that the same history can be accessed from say, your computer at work and at home – perhaps for those who don’t carry around their computers. Flipora founders are also banking on the idea that the current methods of sharing on Facebook, Twitter and StumbleUpon, among others, are inadequate for today’s web users. In fact the very idea for Flipora (or InfoAxe) originated over the founders’ concerns that their Google searches generated generic results. They set out to build a more “intuitive” method for searching out content that is specifically tailored to the individual user. So far, Flipora is gaining users and popularity at a rapid pace, and the founders hope this trend continues to the point where all users possibly flip over it – or to it as the case may be.

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