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If you want to follow your passion, your heart or your leader, you’ll follow them best on Twitter. Yes there are other options but they’re not well known – at this time. Snoop Dogg follows Martha Stewart to keep up with her shaking, baking and flaking fo’ shizzle. Piers Morgan follows his guests. John Boehner follows thousands. Charlie Sheen follows 35 and he’s of course, “Winning,” with upwards of three million following him. Serena Williams follows Greenday because it’s her favorite band. Sir Richard Branson follows Al Gore, who follows Videosurf. If you’re more important you’re more followed and the less important follow more – except in the case of Boehner who is important yet follows thousands, because every rule has an exception. For the follower or followed, Twitter, at five, is more useful and relevant than originally predicted.
Follow scuba diving, photography or funny people. Rachel Zoe follows to stay up to date on fashion. Sir Richard wants to know who’s doing good in the world – perhaps because he’s doing well in the world. Martha Stewart uses Twitter to keep in touch, and musicians use it to talk directly to their fans. On Twitter, says Hillary Clinton, ideas and information are exchanged in real time. While at some time in the past Twitter may have seemed shallow, it has evolved into something much greater. Now in England as a 100,000 strong union-organized march is organized, the British police have asked demonstrators to keep their phones on for relevant Twitter messages from law enforcement. Possibly coming soon – arrested via Twitter. You don’t need Tweets or followers in order to follow but you do need followers if you’re pitching via Tweets.

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