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Recently, someone venturing out into the world of the web television series set out on a quest for some intro music. As with most such ventures, the budget was tight and the need was great. Who you gonna call? In this case it was the folks at FMA, the Free Music Archive where an extensive library of “free” music is cleared for some, but not all uses. Whether it’s an electronic polka type of sound, or indigenous music from Tuva, Brazilian or Bollywood, the FMA folks have it covered. You may use it as an intro to a video project, a podcast, or for salsa dancing with your friends, but you should probably not submit it to iTunes under your name. “Curators,” who are like DJs at the Free Music Archive select the music for each genre.
The site has a social networking aspect as well, as visitors can set up accounts, befriend other listeners and write about the music. And those who truly appreciate the music can tip the artistes via the digital tip jar somewhere. There are, of course, numerous free music sites but FMA has the personal touch with knowledgeable individuals behind the music. It operates under the direction of WFMU, which does not belong to any radio network so it can be as freeform as possible. All of which explains why the music selections tends to be more eclectic than top of the charts.

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