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Oscar Wilde famously said, “A man’s face is his autobiography. A woman’s face is her work of fiction.” Regardless of where you line up on that particular statement, both men and women can venture into the world of fictional faces with apps from the folks at Lava Labs. Actually some apps go beyond just the face but all are on the side of fun, which is what we’re all looking for on any given Friday. And to be honest Lava Labs has a few game apps in its collection but we like the ones with faces and personalities. From the conventional to the outright ridiculous there’s an app for it.
Photowall Live Wallpaper draws on all the digital photographs hanging about on cameras, Facebook and the like to create a wall of ever changing photographs for you to view. For the more fun loving types there’s Photo Twist which lets you distort parts of a photo. You might do this to overemphasize a smile to get the Jello Pudding Face, for instance. Facemixer combines faces of different people while Comic Lab creates the illusion that the photos were drawn as comics. Beyond the face, there is an app that lets you Androidify by creating Android versions of yourself. It’s like Elfing, but for other seasons. And clearly, you would want to share this on Facebook.

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