Galaxy III is an Android with mojo

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All along Android phones seemed to be playing second fiddle to flashier more in-demand Apple products. But now with the release of the Samsung Galaxy III, Android finally has something to celebrate. The Galaxy III is said to be “smashing preorder records.” It’s possibly the most pre-ordered Android device ever. It’s thought to be the nearest Android device to Apple’s iPhone. Unlike the rectangular shape of the iPhone, the Galaxy III has rounded corners. With a 4.8 inch wide screen, the Galaxy III is slightly wider than its predecessor, the Galaxy II, but it can still be operated with one hand. Well, it could be troublesome for someone with small hands. Its anti-reflective coating results in better visibility in bright sunlight. For now, the Galaxy III is still in pre-release mode so testers have only been able to interact with it on a limited scale. Still, it’s receiving high marks for its updated features.

Now that the phone has almost officially replaced the point-and-shoot camera, the Galaxy III’s 8 megapixel camera is a definite plus. While photographers may want more, the Galaxy III as a camera is a good option for those who engage mainly in photo sharing. While shooting video, you can also shoot still photos. Burst shooting mode is good for capturing someone in action, while Best Photo Mode highlights the best looking shot in a series. The S Voice feature doesn’t refer to Siri but it responds to commands such as, “I want to take a picture,” or the universally recognized word for snapping a photo: “Cheese.” The Buddy Photo feature recognizes the faces from your contact list and offers to share the photo. Things may be different once the Galaxy III hits store shelves, but for now some are saying it has “Apple-level mojo,” which is pretty significant.

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