Where eTrash gets a new life

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Now that iPhone 4 has entered the marketplace, what do you do with your older model? For some folks the answer is – Besides being just a very cool name that might literally convey the idea of poetry in motion, is here to solve the growing problem of electronic trash. Nearly 100 million computers, monitors and television sets are thought to become obsolete every year. Beyond computers, everything from digital cameras to smart phones, PDAs and in the future, e-readers are all headed to a landfill near you. In some cases, electronic trash is shipped off to developing countries for labor intensive repair or deconstruction.
The folks at Gazelle are offering incentives for recycling eTrash. They’ll pay for your old cameras, phones, VCRs and the like. They even promise to send you a box and pay for the shipping. Obviously they pay more for the most recent items, in the best condition, with all of the accessories and cables included. The site even has a “What’s happening now” box that gives updates on who’s getting how much for what. Yes, it does sound like that old familiar joke but it isn’t. “Someone in Sandy, UT, just got $126 for their Apple iPhone 3G 16GB.” It doesn’t matter if you’re a business or a person or a person in a business.
They claim to erase your data from your USB drives, hard drives, flash drives and even tapes. However, that’s probably something you ought to do before sending your stuff away. Gazelle also claims that about 80 percent of the items received, “find happiness in a new home or office.” The rest is not sent to a landfill or another country. They partner with others such as Cloudblue to break down the device into components which are then recycled.

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