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Just this week a group calling themselves Geeks on a Plane set off to explore the state of technology in Asia. And geeks on a plane is remarkably different from snakes on a plane, one being the preferred option of the flying public. Snakes slither and geeks twitter and all of us love knowing what geeks are doing – now. The GOAP are heading out on this big adventure because they believe we in the West have such little knowledge of the state of technology in Asia with its multi-billion population.


Upon landing in China, the geeks found themselves at the mercy of thermometers, checking for signs of illness. Unexpected. Doesn’t everyone know that geeks don’t carry germs they carry technology? GOAP took note that China has a remarkable ability to monetize games. Enticing players with budget conscious games. Online gaming is the most successful business in China. Our geeks speculated that this is due to loneliness because of the one child per family rule. Who knew children were the source of our entertainment?

japanese robots

As expected, the Japanese tech world isn’t significantly different from ours, except that they are mostly unhitched from the desktops, going mobile for stuff we would never dream of. They watch live television and pay for things with their version of smart phones. Imagine their version of a sports bar. Mini TVs everywhere.

japanese garden

Our geeks judged the Japanese 3-G handsets to be not as advanced as our iPhone. In fact, while 90 percent of the population own handhelds, the iPhone isn’t experiencing quite the love affair there. This is mostly due to service provider issues and the need for add-on components for watching live TV. Additionally, their version of apps was deemed to be so “yesteryear” by our geeks. Twitter has caught on but instead of Facebook they have Mixi, a Japanese version where nicknames rather than real names rule.

geeks on a plane

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