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At 3.7 pounds it weighs less than the average baby so most people would have no trouble carrying one around. Also like a baby, it has a smell. But it’s not the smell of sour milk or anything else in the baby world. It’s the floral scented ASUS F6V – a computer with its own fragrance. But if floral isn’t your thing, they also come in ocean scents along with a “perfume fragrance,” and grass – not that … although to some folk… well no, just not that.

Connie Brown, a media relations manager for Intel who checked out the computers with her company’s technology in them, said the ocean scent reminded her of the Seinfeld episode where Kramer tried to sell Calvin Klein on his beach scent. Even so, she still wondered whether laptops should smell and what they should smell like.

And Connie, if you’re out there, of course laptops should smell. That is unless the owner is allergic to fragrance in which case it should just smell like new technology or dusty home office. Different scents appeal to different folk and maybe a case could be made for tying individual computers’ scents to their owners’ productivity. Some people may be more productive when the computer scent is coffee. Others may find Swiss pine drives their productivity, if they could figure how the Swiss pine scent is different from any other. Still others may prefer beer. We’re not sure this is in the cards though.

Beyond scented computers, possibilities exist for the computer as a fashion accessory. In the near future your laptop could match your purse and shoes – or your man bag, as the case may be. The computer and the purse could be merged so your laptop has slots for lip balm, sunglasses, cell phone, car keys and wallet. Then again that could all be a moot point since folks at the MIT Media Lab are experimenting with the computer as the sixth human sense. For now some of us would just be happy with a cherry vanilla laptop.

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