Get fast money from the web

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Get fast money from the web

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Need money fast? There’s a new loan company with you in mind. It’s not actually in your town but it’s ready and willing to lend you money faster than you can drive across town in rush hour gridlock. Set how much you want – within their limits. Hop on to a browser 24/7. Fill out virtual paperwork. Wait an hour for the money in your account. Before you break out the bubbly, please understand, they’re lenders not philanthropists. So the money isn’t for sure until a credit check. No credit if you don’t check out.

money to burn

At a glance it would be easy to think the word Wonga is an African dance, but it isn’t. Though, when you get your money from them you should feel free to do some sort of Wonga dance. Wonga is an English slang word for money. But it didn’t originate with the English. It came from the Romany word, “wanger” for coal. And while money may make the world go round, coal once made people go round the world.

A word about the Wonga workings. Forget those with maxed out credit cards, lost jobs, undercapitalized business, about to be foreclosed homes. Wonga is for everyone else. Unlike credit cards that roll over your credit and keep you in debt, Wonga lets you borrow for five or ten or fifteen but not more than 30 days. And if you don’t qualify for a loan, you can still download financial advice from them – for a dollar.

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