Get hooked on the crystal Blu-ray persuasion train

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Blu-ray with all its bells and whistles is the talk of the movie business. When will this or that favorite title come out in Blu-ray? You could get your India Oscar fix with both Gandhi and Slumdog Millionaire on Blu-ray. Still no Lord of the Rings or Stars Wars yet. What’s a movie obsessed, Jedi wannabe to do?

Have no fear, it is said that if you wait long enough even an egg will walk. While not yet on Blu-ray both movies are distributed by studios that have gone exclusively Blu-ray so it’s just a matter of time before those eggs walk. And isn’t this a bit like when you’re a kid and you’re avoiding that annoying boy, Eddie and one day you find out your dad is dating his mom?

Except in the case of Blu-ray. It’s not really the annoying Eddie. Five times the storage capacity of traditional DVDs says Blu-ray’s star is rising. Predictions are for 100 million Blu-ray “units” to be sold this year. And what exactly is a unit? Enquiring minds are working on that.

Richard Corliss, a TIME Magazine writer who has dined with Steven Spielberg and Martin Scorsese (and doesn’t that qualify him as an expert?), bought a Blu-ray player and watched a few movies before endorsing the technology in a big way. The colors, the textures, the depth of field, all beyond belief. Corliss claims that in Blu-ray the figures in a scene appear to be in your room. Scary thought for horror movies.

On the other hand, if you’re not in a Blu-ray kind of mood, Corliss notes that regular DVDs are just fine. More durable than video cassettes and eight tracks (what’s that?), DVDs can go the distance, providing a good movie experience. So really and truly, it’s your call whether or not you’ll embrace the flashy new ray or stay with the tried and true DVD. Either way, change is not waiting for you to decide.

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