Get your flyers noticed – 5 tips!

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The business world is large and competitive. If a business wishes to stand out, it is beneficial to take on certain habits. Flyers help a business spread the word and gather attention. However, flyers must carry certain traits in order to appeal to potential customers.

1. Invest In Bright Colours
If a business wishes for its flyer to stand out from thousands of others in the market, it is an excellent idea to use bright colours. Some flyers are dark, and they do not grab the attention of a potential customer. A bright flyer will ask a customer to investigate. A person will want to hold the flyer and see what is on the paper. This is an important thing to note.

fat pipes: the design process

fat pipes: the design process (Photo credit: squareintheteeth)

2. Choose a Headline and Content That Begs For Attention
It is not enough to use bright colours. Once a person finds the flyer, it is vital to keep their attention for as long as possible. A business may achieve this end by placing headlines and content inside the flyer that compels a person to read. The writer may choose to use phrases and vocabulary that gives the impression that a store or service is popular and highly trustworthy. The customer should feel that it is a good idea to use a particular business, and the business should see results almost immediately. The customer should feel that he or she must take action.

3. Include Customer Testimonials
Some people do not feel that it is enough to use bright colours and smart content. A business should also consider adding customer testimonials. No matter how professional and popular a business may claim to be, this may not necessarily be the case. A business should go out of its way to instill confidence in potential customers. Customers should feel that they are investing in a business that creates satisfaction. Several testimonials should be available, and the business may wish to link the potential customer to a website where more may be available to read.

Art & Design Magazine

Art & Design Magazine (Photo credit: Sara Almudhaf)

4. Give a Customer a Reason to Keep the Flyer
Customers must have a reason to keep the flyer. A customer may forget the name and contact information of a business if he or she does not take the flyer to their home. Some businesses attach a coupon to a flyer while other businesses may try something a little different.

5. Test the Design
A business should test its flyer design before the flyer enters the public eye. An employee may wish to show the flyer to friends and family members. A business may also talk to potential customers and ask them about necessary and helpful changes. Testing enables a business to avoid costly and damaging mistakes in the long run.

Flyers have the potential to help a business gather attention. However, many businesses use flyers. It can be difficult to stand out. A business must be creative and determined when it makes a flyer, and the information above may help.

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