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Make an offer. Any offer. Introductory Pole Dance Workout at a discount. Custom framing, an oil change or tickets to the opera – at a discount. In short, whatever your product, if you’re willing to offer an introductory discount, you could get the business. Thanks to the folks at Groupon you can harness the power of social networking to sell your brand to a new, more enthusiastic group of customers. Okay, so your current customers are also enthusiastic. Any thing enthusiastic is worth having more of – right? So you tell two Facebook friends and they tell two Facebook friends and they Tweet and …
Groupon, as the name suggests is basically a group coupon. Make an offer through them and it’s not a deal until the fat lady sings. Well, it could be fat ladies or fat men or thin people or any people with money to spend and interest in your product. No deal until the minimum, required number of customers buy. Want to sell 500 widgets at a 25 percent discount? Groupon promises to make such a thing happen for you. But just in case 500 people aren’t interested in your widgets, no problem. Groupon advertises for free and takes a cut somewhere in the sales process.
Groupon demographics say their customers are young and smart – if smart means college degrees. Single women – though 33 percent are married and 12 percent are living with a partner, while only six percent are technically single. They are employed and have disposable income. Using the Groupon method, a jeans shop sold 1,500 Groupons, a restaurant sold 3,000 and a whale watching cruise sold 2,500. But only 15 people bought the live lobster delivery service. While there are lots of places to buy bargain stuff, Groupon is great for sellers – Peter Sellers (movies). Then again, how will you get them to pay full price after they’ve seen the deal.

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