Getting to know the Blackberry Torch

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Getting to know the Blackberry Torch

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Okay, so the buzz this week is all about the new Blackberry Torch which is supposed to be the closest competition to the iPhone, especially since it also involves AT&T as a development partner. Of course, there really is no rule that says every new phone worth its salt ought to be compared to the iPhone? In any case, much is being written about the Torch by geeks as well Blackberry fans. And while we could go on and on about it, here are the main points from Crackberry and others.
1. It’s the first and only slider BlackBerry. It’s the first BlackBerry to feature a ‘proper’ touchscreen (no SurePress clicking on the screen required).
2. This phone was built for AT&T and will launch exclusively with AT&T in the United States, we will also see the device roll out internationally on other GSM carriers. Shortly following AT&T’s press release regarding the Torch, we saw Rogers, Telus, Bell and Virgin all confirm they will soon have the Torch available, so it’s only a matter of time before a Torch is available on a carrier near you.
3. It’s easily recognizable as a BlackBerry and when you pick it up for the first time it still feels like a BlackBerry, albeit a slightly porky one. At 5.7 ounces according to RIM (which I confirmed on my crack scale with battery, sim and microSD inserted), the Torch is definitely on the heavier end of the smartphone scale.
4. The accelerometer is accurate and responsive, allowing the device to switch quickly between portrait and landscape use. Take note though, when the keyboard is slid out, the display locks into portrait mode.
5. Like the BlackBerry Bold 9650, the Torch 9800 gets a bump in internal device memory, from the 256MB found in the previous generation of devices up to 512MB. In addition to providing more room for app space, the 512MB helps smoothly power BlackBerry 6.
6. RIM has also included 4GB of built-in (non-removable) storage space for files such as pictures, music, movies and podcasts and a 4GB microSD card is included bringing the storage space out of the box up to 8GB.
7. The new camera is a welcome upgrade to BlackBerry. For the most part you’ll be able to simply leave the camera in Autofocus mode and take good pictures, but spending some time getting to know the different scene modes will help you take better pictures.

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