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On a visit to, a woman might check out the latest summer fashions or seek advice on summer entertaining, or look for the perfect hostess gift. On a page layout similar to Pinterest, she might note unique grilling options, ways to master the cheese platter, or cooling cocktails. Each square is clickable, linking to someone’s blog post and may further link to a shopping page. Along the way, an ad for say, Green Giant Seasoned Steamers is given equal billing with the other links, except that it might offer coupons. What about the options for a man visiting Well, a man won’t likely go there because he might head to where he will find a similar page with perhaps the opposite options. His options might include, advice on being tech savvy while working out, or car talk – though not Car Talk.

Both and are websites served up by Glam Media which bills itself as both an online publishing and advertising network. The difference between Glam Media and traditional media is that the content is a collection of links to blogs and other stories. It is neither produced nor owned by Glam Media. Though journalists may write the blogs or other stories to which and link, there isn’t a line between journalism and advertising. According to Samir Aurora who founded Glam Media, they want to be the “unportal,” attracting visitors to a “curated” site rather than serving up ads that may or may not be wanted. The sites are set up to look like glossy men’s and women’s magazines but in reality, “enables premium brands to connect with millions of passionate audiences online.” Beyond and, there are several other themed sites such as, a social network for foodies that is at the same time a place for food advertisers to connect to people who eat.

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