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Time was when a pitch was a sales pitch. You buy an ad in an analog or digital medium to promote your product, all in an effort to drive sales. But the times they are a changing. These days, you want to engage your customers with your brand. You want them to “like” you, suggest you to their friends and send Tweets about you. And then of course you hope that will drive sales. This is why your ads aren’t directly asking your audience to buy product but rather to go to your Facebook page. An ad might call upon users to click to see your Tweets or invite them to post to your Facebook wall.
Social media experts note that the more a brand can engage customers and pair up with “live” content, the more it will attract interest in the social media world. Show clips from films or television shows, invite them to compete for prizes, ask them to write the endings to stories or cross promote your brand with fun and popular content – and these could be one and the same. Your goal should be for your ad should feel “less static.” It should take on a life of its own and maybe even go viral along the way. Of course you ultimate goal is sales but the journey is now a bit more complex.

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