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The green light means trust, the purple light says disgust. The red light is anger and the blue or gray light is sadness. Emotional LEDs are said to be one of the hot new inventions of 2009. It isn’t quite clear whether you would arrange your lights according to your mood or whether the LEDs can read your moods and arrange the lights for you. Either way, folks aren’t waiting around for answers on this one.
Something involving lights and moods is actually in use by the Esprit stores. In some stores luminaires – who knew? – have created a pattern of lights that appeals to customers and draws them into the stores. And one could argue there are numerous methods beyond LEDs to accomplish this but the Esprit folks believe their strategy is working.
The cool thing about this is that each light in the massive wave system can be individually controlled by digital means, giving operators a method of making subtle or dramatic changes to achieve the desired effect. By controlling everything from the color to the luminosity of each LED, the luminaire created nine light moods that can set different scenes.
In the Esprit store in Stockholm, for example, the light leads people up an escalator and it can act as their friend, travelling up with them into the warm blanket of the store. There other lights help to create an enjoyable store experience. And anyone who has looked on as kids at the mall run after light patterns on the floor knows that lights have magical powers over humans.

Here is the lighting company’s explanation:

Explanation of the individual light scenes:
Coloured light moves in waves over a basic light in a different colour:
• Spring: Yellow light on a green basic light
• Summer: Orange light on a yellow basic light
• Autumn/Fall: Magenta on an orange basic light
• Winter: White light on a blue basic light
• Light is dimmed in single colours in red, blue or green along the wave from 40 % to 100 %.
• Rainbow: The wave movement is generated from a combi-nation of 6 light colours.
• All white: All of the LED strips have white beams and pro-duce a homogeneous very bright surface.
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