GoDaddy Gone Wrong: anyone planning to use the internet had better lawyer up if SOPA passes.

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You may want to switch away from GoDaddy by tomorrow, December 29th, 2011?


Three organizations actions have created quite a stir.  Why?  Cause the very freedom of the internet and is at stake.

  • SOPA –  a bill will be voted on when congress reconvenes early 2012.  This bill would give big corporations and/or government powers to shut down websites that simply link to copy-written material, thereby crushing YouTube, Facebook, and the blogosphere. You might wonder who would be in favor of this?  See this.  It is basically the next step along the slippery slope of giving away freedom to a tyrannical force.  See Related News.
  • GoDaddy came out in support of the bill.  Within hours over 70,000 accounts at GoDaddy transferred to new services, immediately removing over half a million in revenue per year.  GoDaddy stopped their support (but have not reversed their position).  News About GoDaddy’s Support & Situation.
  • Anonymous – anonymous has taken up the cause to “REMOVE GODADDY FROM THE INTERNET”.  They have stated that everyone should remove their accounts from GoDaddy by December 29th.


We are against SOPA. GoDaddy is a competitor to our services at Domain NRG  As a service to you and an opportunity for us, we provide account switching for free with competitive rates and in many cases for less cost than GoDaddy.  Domain NRG is an alternative  Furthermore, we will NEVER carry the .XXX porn domains that GoDaddy and many others do.

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