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With the launch of Google+ Local, their vice president of engineering said, “If you don’t have a Google+ page for your business, we encourage you to create one now.” That’s because Google converted all of its business listings into Google+ Local listings. This makes it easier for your business to be discovered by local and global customers. Sure, if you’re a restaurant, it’s not as if someone across the globe will order takeout – well unless you offer free delivery, but for everything else, there’s Google+ to connect you. With this, Google envisions an integrated approach to handling a business’ online life. In today’s digital world, it’s of utmost importance for business owners to put some effort into managing their online presence which means you’re either with Google+ or you pretty much don’t exist. Or you could leave it up to chance and have your fans take charge of your social media – as was done when Coke fans set up a wildly successful and positive Facebook page.

Of course you can also use Google+ to your advantage. Social media strategist, Lisa Barone suggests that you could use Google+ for crowsourcing, which is not just for raising capital. You too can use the “wisdom of crowds” to conduct marketing surveys via Google+. Ask “interesting” or “functional” questions that relate to your business. One example is to ask what feature is missing from your software, or what kind of baked goods customers would like to see soon. Barone says that Google+ generates more responses for her than Facebook and Twitter. While you may or may not be inclined to get with the program on Google+, your customers will now be able to use the Zagat rating system to rate your business, in which case, you’ll want to get the highest ratings. Perhaps you missed news of Google acquiring Zagat, of restaurant review fame, last year.

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