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Published on February 18, 2017 with 1 Comment

“Part technical wonder, part modernist artwork.” Such words could describe any number of digital era technology, but in this case the description comes from Jawbone. And it refers to their newest product, the Jambox, which happens to be, “Simply the smallest, best sounding wireless speaker and speakerphone on the planet.” Their words, but seemingly reflecting the opinions of many who have tried these small yet powerful speakers. To date wireless speakers and Bluetooth connected speakers haven’t received rave reviews due to lack of range and power. But at 85 decibels, the Jambox is louder than city traffic or a motorcycle, but it’s not quite as loud as a rock concert. With Bluetooth connectivity, a user can roam freely with an MP3 player. But it is a limited version of free roaming due to range limitations.
Reviewers also like the size and style of the Jambox. In the looks area it’s sometimes compared to a hunk of supermarket cheese, or Lego bricks. It’s constructed with stainless steel and encased in “industrial-weight” molded rubber. The overwhelming message is that it’s not just functional, it has a beautiful form. But wait, there’s more. It connects for downloading of apps and software updates and it can be personalized. Use it with the iPad for gaming or movie viewing, with a smart phone for loud and clear conference calls. Let it voice your test messages. And if you happen to be at a party with no music – well simply set it on the table and start your MP3. It’s the ultimate, integrated accessory for managing your personal and professional sound life.

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