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So they’ve built it, again. Now will you come over to the group texting side? Groupme is an app that believes you want to organize your conversations into groups. And while some may think that apps aren’t necessarily believers in anything, how would you know unless you were an app, or you walked a mile in an app’s moccasins? In any case, the Groupme app allows you to send group texts, share photos with your group, share your location or make a conference call from your mobile device. And if you’re in an area with poor connectivity, Groupme gives you the option of “dropping down” to SMS within the app.
For now, it seems that starting a group within the app is slower than users would like but the folks at Groupme emphasize that they’re trying to fix that. In fact, they’re trying to make Groupme, the group you want to be in and are taking suggestions from users. Organize customers, employee groups, product fans, family members, party animals and any other group you have in mind. But be careful not to over-group because once you organize say, a group of all your groups, then it becomes the genie that can’t be put back in that proverbial bottle. And just for the record there are several group texting apps hitting the scene about now and all are attracting buzz.

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