Hang a right but not in London

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Hang a right but not in London

Published on February 01, 2017 with No Comments

For all those brown paper packages fastened with tape, arriving on doorsteps across the world, chances are the trucks they came in never made a left turn. Using route mapping software, UPS has organized its delivery routing so that those big brown trucks rarely, if ever, turn left. Left turns are more costly for a delivery business. Time spent waiting at intersections is more costly in terms of added minutes and fuel on idling trucks. Considering the billions of packages delivered across the globe by UPS, every little saving helps. Data from UPS claims that not making left turns, well except in London, saves around 20 million miles each year. Which is probably how they found the time and money to write that logistics song.
Beyond such highly technological truck routing, UPS is constantly using digital-age technology for more efficient operations. They use software to load the trucks for last-in, first-out deliveries. At their package hub, pod containers are shaped to the contours of a cargo plane’s interior, for faster plane loading. Packages have smart tags for tracking, and the package processing center has custom flooring with ball-bearings that make it possible for just two people to move a 4,000 pound load. And if you’re still looking for that one, very special, large item to be shipped, UPS can ship 2,000 pound Beluga whales. Meanwhile, Santa’s reindeer can thank UPS for setting sail sometime in July with container loads that hold 70 percent of the toys, clothing, games and other holiday gifts being opened this year.

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