Heartwarming stories in the Twitterverse

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“A successful person is one who builds a strong foundation with bricks that others have thrown at them. #keepthrowing.” So Tweeted Chad Ochocinco to his 2.8 million followers. But it turns out that followers of Ochocinco can get more than thought stimulating Tweets. He has been known to take dozens of his most loyal followers out for steak or shrimp dinners via Tweeted invitations. Who would have imagined Tweeted invitations? Just in case your aunt Ethel ever questioned the relevance of the 140 character message, it’s time to let her know that Twitter is more than just the sum of its Tweets. It’s a giant web (pun not intended) of individual humans connected to each other via their 140 character communications. Helen of Troy may have had the face that launched a thousand ships, but a single Tweet can launch a thousand re-Tweets and eventually stories and possibly ships. (And if you’re not a fan of ancient classical literature you’ll be forgiven for inserting Death Cab for Cutie in that last sentence.)

The folks at Twitter want us to be more conscious of its medium as a life changing, relevant, people centric piece of technology. So they’ve launched Twitter Stories where members of the Twitterverse are invited to upload their own stories featuring life-changing Twitter moments. So far the stories illustrate how a single Tweet can save a business, a human or a dog – which is not to say that one of these is more important than the others. People who follow @caltrain will get real time updates on Twitter about train delays from people on the trains and train platforms. Japanese fishermen use it to sell their daily catch while still on their boats. Then there’s @TheDevilOfLove and @olivejoose who began following each other on Twitter, and, one thing led to another and now they have a baby. And if that’s not heartwarming enough of a Twitter story, you should unplug the ice machine from your IV.

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