Helpful Blu-ray hints from the geeks

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Helpful Blu-ray hints from the geeks

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Back in February Sony announced its new Blu-ray players would be capable of displaying 3-D images once the firmware upgrade is released this summer. With apologies to those who pay close attention to the technological aspects of their devices, some folks have no idea that their firmware can be upgraded or that upgrading such wares can lead to overall better functionality – except where it doesn’t and then the complaining begins. In light of this, the geeks at Geek Squad are advising that owners of Blu-ray playing devices make sure to upgrade their firmware – all the better for viewing Avatar and other new Blu-ray movies. Not all are raving about firmware upgrades in a good way, however. Some folks are sure that glitches in the upgrades ruined their players forever.
Meanwhile at Geek Squad, they contend that firmware updates allow your old Blu-ray players to be new again, able to handle content with new features that were not available when the equipment was manufactured. In case you’re more artistic than technical, the geeks would like you to think of firmware as a computer’s operating system. And if PC operating system sounds too much like Greek (or Geek) to you and you don’t actually happen to be Greek, maybe you’d just bring the device to the Geek Squad. Everyone else might visit the manufacturer’s website or the Geek Squad site, and download the new firmware to the PC then burn it to a disc and upload it to the player. In the case of internet connected players, the firmware can be downloaded directly to the device or even be set for automatic upgrades where a little elf upgrades it when you’re not looking. Wouldn’t it be nice if these elves just came with the system and you didn’t have to intervene?

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