High tech company goes to the goats

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The lawn was overgrown with out of control pockets of weeds and shrubbery. Additionally, the lawn could use some fertilizing. Why didn’t her husband get out there and mow, wondered the wife, surely he could use the exercise. Why didn’t she do it herself, wondered the husband. Exercise works both ways. The path of true love never does go smoothly when there’s an overgrown lawn in the mix.

With Green being the new way to conduct life in the 21st. century, the husband thought it counter intuitive to mow down the Green, Green Grass at Home when all the while they’re being pushed to live and eat and work in a greener fashion. A mower leaves carbon footprints and it’s too bad he hadn’t seen those giant footprints stomping through the grass before they got to be so big.

Then he saw it – a story about how tech giant, Google is maintaining its lawn and reducing the fire hazard. Google has goats, he told his wife. Google has goats? She echoed in disbelief. Yes Google does have goats. And goats are green. Well they really aren’t green. If you see a green goat you should run because it probably has an illness. No, not that illness.

But Google does have goats. Okay, it’s not really Google’s goats. Google rents goats from California Grazing to eat and fertilize its lawn. It is rumored to cost about the same as mowing but with a lower carbon footprint and less machine noise, so the creative folk at Google could hear themselves think. Plus goats are cuter than mowers – to some eyes, at least. Just for the record, we’ve seen some pretty cute mowers.

California Grazing claims to have 800 environmentally friendly goats for rent. They are called self-propelled weed eaters or weed abatement goats – take your pick. The goats prefer to eat thistle, a stubborn fire hazard to some but apparently a goat delicacy. And once the wife discovered this method of working with nature and the principles of holistic land management for a better lawn, she thought of how many problems would have been solved if she had just married a goat.

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