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It seems that the highlight of SXSW is “Highlight,” the app. It’s like Foursquare meets Match.com meets Facebook. As you walk around at a gathering of random people, such as the gatherings at SXSW, the app shares your location along with data from your profile. Consequently, it’s that much easier for you to connect with like-minded folk that are just walking around nearby. Think of all the people around you. Bars. Theatres. Trains. Festivals and conventions. It’s all just a mass of anonymous and possibly uninteresting people – until you meet some of them. But how do you meet like-minded others? With Highlight – that’s how.

SXSW 2011 - South by Southwest - Austin Texas

SXSW 2011 - South by Southwest - Austin Texas (Photo credit: David Berkowitz)

According to Paul Davison, one of the brains behind Highlight, the app wasn’t designed with the idea of people meeting people, and possibly becoming the happiest people of all. Instead, the idea was to “surface information about the people around you.” It could be argued that there would be no point to such information if it didn’t ultimately lead to people meeting. However, it turns out that people have been meeting and pursing common interests through Highlight. And ultimately, the idea of meeting others around common interests is a good idea, especially when there are opportunities to reach beyond existing groups of friends and colleagues. In past iterations of SXSW other apps have showed promise only to fizzle after the event. Davidson says the folks behind Highlight are hoping that doesn’t happen to them.

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