How Acne created buzz for bus

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A car couldn’t be more different from a bus. A car is more like an artist, following its own time and path, between point A and Point B – possibly stopping at point C and D in random fashion. A bus on the other hand is more like a corporation. It runs on the traditional 8 to 5, following a certain set of rules to maximize efficiency and minimize costs. So which one is better? It would be easy to say one is not better than the other because they are each entities in their own right.

Other car is a bus

Except that environmentalists and bus companies have decided that buses are better. And who are we to argue? When it comes to trips to and from the airport, buses are said to be better because, well, you’re just going to the airport – not doing errands. So the Swedish bus company, Flygbussarna hired the Acne Advertisement Agency – hopefully not the same meaning in Swedish – to put together an awareness campaign about the airport bus service being better than cars.

The group used 50 wrecked cars to create a replica of the coach bus, setting it up near a big airport – not known if Saab or Volvo. Illustrating that one bus load carries the same as 50 cars. The advertising spectacle was an instant hit, causing daily traffic jams due to gawkers’ slowdowns. The Acne folks launched a web site and blog to extend the reach. A live camera broadcasted from the scene. Software counted the number cars and calculated emissions that could have been saved if each driver had chosen the bus. A bus has four times the carbon emissions of a car but carries 50 people.

It isn’t known whether the campaign generated more abandonment of cars in favor of the bus and what the ROI is. It isn’t known whether the buses run mostly full or mostly empty. It is known that people were surprised and attracted to the bus sculpture. And it still doesn’t answer the universal question – is a bus better than a car? Watch the video!

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