How does social media marketing really work?

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When the Risdall Marketing Group held a seminar on Social Media Marketing, the attendance far outstripped any other seminar in a series of seminars. It would seem that business leaders are hungry for information on this “new” thing called “social media,” which is thought to be so influential in the lives of the 30 and under consumer group. But some “experts” on social media marketing believe that while the world needs to embrace social media as a business strategy, there is an even greater need to deal with the misconceptions of social media that have been floating around.
First of all social media are not marketing media. Otherwise it probably wouldn’t be called “social” media. Social media are mostly about communicating. Buzz is created when members share knowledge about products they like. As a result social media do not necessarily attract new customers. This means it isn’t easy to calculate ROI from social media statistics. Ultimately, these experts believe it’s not so much about how effective any individual business is with its fans but rather about the fans effectiveness in attracting other fans. As it is said in propositional logic circles, just because A is equal to B doesn’t mean that B is also equal to A.
These same aforementioned experts affirm that if you don’t market your products you will go out of business but at the same time, you don’t buy a car because you see an ad or a tweet about it. You buy a car when you’re ready and able to afford it. And you choose your car based on a combination of what your friends say, what you’ve s seen in the ads and what you think will make you look hot. Though, that last one is mostly an assumption. Ultimately, social media should be just one part of your marketing strategy rather than the thing that replaces all other marketing. But if you’re Steve Jobs, none of this applies to your company’s products.

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