How Logistics Helps Get Retail Promotions Off-the-Ground

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Big promotions – whether that be discounts, multi-buys or sales – are a cornerstone of the retail industry. Without putting on the occasional promotion, feverishly building up anticipation for a new product, or making an existing product a more financially attractive option, then shoppers might be inclined to shop elsewhere.

chilwell retail park

chilwell retail park (Photo credit: victuallers2)

You’re already aware of how important the price war is on the high street; it’s something you see every day. ‘Closing Down Sale’ signs litter shop windows up and down the country, while news outlets are frequently reporting on the latest big name to go into administration.

While it isn’t fair to say that these stores are going out of business just because they aren’t putting on enough promotions, it’s important to recognize that – outside of external factors such as arrears and overheads – retailers need to be competitive. Very often this competitiveness takes form in offering the best prices, having the best customer service, the most knowledgeable staff and the best range of products – or indeed product specialty.  However, these are selling points that you need to promote to your audience – and historically, one of the best ways of doing this is by using in-store promotional materials.

Types of in-store promotional materials

The majority of in-store promotional material comes in the form of large display boards, banners, posters, point-of-sale (POS) units, labels and flyers. These are your typical, traditional marketing tools – and they’re still extremely important, even in today’s increasingly digital world.

When shoppers hit the high street, they now instinctively know that they might be in a better position to buy a product online. They’ll scrutinize every single price point they see; perhaps jumping onto their smartphone to do so, comparing online. This means you have to put only your very best deals or new products in your public-facing areas. The majority of the time, this is your windows, or the space outside your shop.

A-boards and large posters therefore should dominate these places, letting everyone know how great your current offering is. The same principles apply to the indoor areas, where you could set up a POS unit to let people trial a new product, or have brightly colored labels in place on the shelves. Consumers love grabbing a bargain, so making certain products stand out over the rest is a must.

First though, you must get your promotional products in-store. This requires careful both planning from your own marketing team, along with a logistics company that offers a comprehensive retail solution.

How logistics companies are aiding the promotional effort

Logistics companies are helping the promotional effort of retailers by providing time-critical resources as and when needed. Moreover, they’re doing this on a huge scale. A national supermarket for example needs to have all of its promotions running at the same time, so not to outrage customers.

Communities using online resources like are always quick to highlight when a retailer is putting on an offer, so it’s critical that every single store can now meet the expectations of shoppers.

English: Debenhams, Winchester Retailers come ...

English: Debenhams, Winchester Retailers come and go, but Debenhams is one of the survivors – the first Debenhams department store opened in 1905. This branch is on High Street. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Should one store launch prematurely ahead of another, their reputation could quickly be sullied online – visible for all to see.

Perhaps more importantly however, is that if promotional supplies are delivered late, then retailers can’t simultaneously launch as they intend to. It’s for this reason that a reputable and efficient logistics provider is an absolutely essential part of the promotional effort for bricks and mortar stores.

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