How sleek is Sleekbook?

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Sleek is synonymous with glossy, satiny and silky. It could connote the slickness of heavily pomaded hair, or the shiny coat of a bird or animal. It can also be used to describe polished speech or behavior, or a prosperous appearance. In some circles it describes the glossing over of something to make it more agreeable. We couldn’t begin to explain if any of this is relevant to the definition of a Sleekbook, one of the latest set of computers being rolled out by HP. And yes, this happens to be the very same HP that announced it was getting out of the consumer PC market just under a year ago. Regardless, that was then and this is the time for the HP Global Influencer Summit in Shanghai. There, 500 global influencers were treated to the Sleekbook along with Ultrabooks and a bit of fashion. Fashion? As it turns out, some fashion designers use HP computers as part of the design process.

But we digress. What is a Sleekbook, really? Well, the biggest difference is that it has an AMD processor as opposed to an Intel processor. Only computers with Intel processors get to be called Ultrabooks. Along the way, it was said that an Ultrabook is a Windows version of a MacBook Air. The Sleekbook is 0.8 inch thick (or maybe that should be thin), weighs less than four pounds and comes in red or black – aforementioned shiny coat of birds and animals is not an option. A 14 inch Envy Sleekbook with a 500GB hard drive and 4GB of RAM is yours for just $699. A 15.6 inch sized Sleekbook with a 320GB hard drive starts at $599. Notes from the world of HP say that users in China prefer 14 inch laptops while their counterparts in the U.S. prefer 15 inches. But wait there’s more. HP also announced the upcoming EliteBook Folio 9470m specifically aimed at the “corporate world.” That’s news we can all use.

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