How to Hold a Successful Business Event

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Preparing a business event can take months of planning. Whether it is a small scale occasion or a yearly large event, a promising event can fly to success or fail miserably depending on how all areas have been addressed. Here are some practical steps for holding your own event which is talked about for all the right reasons.

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Advertise your event using well thought out promotional copy. Assuming that guests know details about the event already and providing a short invitation will not bode well. You need to give them plenty of reasons why they should attend and take time out from their busy schedules. Also, advertise on multiple platforms. So, as well as emails, you can also advertise on social media sites, your website and old fashioned postal mail. People will appreciate the extra effort. Remember to invite anyone which has also invited you to an event.

Notifying your guests more than once will also remind them of the date, so a ‘last chance’ or ‘looking forward to seeing you’ reminder a week before the event will keep the occasion fresh. However, leave a little decision room so as not to appear too pushy.

In terms of schedules, think about the type of guests that will attend. Ask yourself if the majority work late or if people are likely to have already made plans for the weekend. Planning an evening event mid-week is usually the best time, before people are starting to relax into the weekend. Keeping the longevity of proceedings open will keep the atmosphere relaxed, so if people want to stay around a bit longer then they can. For news about different industries which can help your occasion, go to the Alex Clubet Recuitment Blog.

Location is also a key factor which will affect how many people will attend your event. People are less likely to travel a country house than a venue in the heart of a city. If budget is less of a worry, holding the event in a recognisable location with points of interest will give added sparkle to the occasion. Lots of large spaces such as galleries and museums offer out parts of the building to business and promotional events. Outline to a potential venue every detail so they know what to expect. Many will like the added promotion that your event will bring to their business. Even if you do secure a prime location, make sure that detailed directions are also attached to the invites.

Make sure that the venue is well lit, health and safety measures are met and that the area is pleasing to the eye. You can work with the venue managers to confirm that all requirements are met.

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Whilst at the event, your aim is to keep people and the mood flowing. Large businesses are now investing in interactive, immersive experiences for their guests. For example, if you are a technology company, set up your latest gadgets and software for people to try out. If you have a photographer at the event, find a way of being able to link guests with the photographs afterwards. Hiring entertainment for the event will also add some fun and break up the time between eating and drinking.

Buffets keep the guests circulating rather than a formal meal which can sometimes dull the atmosphere. There are plenty of catering companies you can book to handle the food and drinks. You can work with them on menus and to estimate how much you will need for everyone.

Finally, if you are holding an awards ceremony as part of the event, spell every company and individual name right. Believe it or not, embarrassing errors do happen.

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