How to keep ’em coming back

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In the FAQ section of a company, a customer outlines the type of swimming pool pump and the subsequent problems then asks – “Is my pump broken?” The FAQ genie answers – “NO.” And technically that’s correct but could the genie have elaborated? No, your pump isn’t broken but usually this type of problem is due to x, y or z – call us directly. So often, customer service is – not. Weeks to get your car in. Dentist doesn’t work on Fridays. Notarized copies of the receipt, bar code and wrapping required. You wade through the web site and find goofy answers to seemingly simple questions.
But not everyone is like that. There’s the story of the guy who had a problem with his Nintendo Wii. He called the customer service people and once they discovered he lived in Redmond, Washington where they are located, invited him to hop on over. While he waited in the lobby, his kid played with their demo games and 25 minutes later his equipment was fixed. To his surprise, they apologized for such a long wait. Are they for real?
Another company, Mill Creek Entertainment sells inexpensive bundles of movies on DVD among other things. But in the course of DVD duplication sometimes side A and side B of a two-sided DVD are mismatched while the label reflects the original intent. When someone discovered such a case while watching a 50 pack of movies, he didn’t expect much from the company. He had no idea how long ago or from where he had even purchased the pack.
Still, he contacted the company via their web site just for the heck of it. Within a business day he had received an apology that was followed by a corrected set of DVDs plus all sorts of extras. Which just goes to show that you can catch more customers with good service than with vinegar. Though, a quality balsamic vinegar is like honey.

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