How to Shape Up in Chicago

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With the new year come resolutions, one of the most popular being to get in shape.  Weight loss, working out, and a healthier diet are fresh on the minds of people all across the country.  Part of the difficulty in starting habits that will endure is knowing where to go.  Everyone needs regular exercise in order to stay in shape.  Once you’ve had cosmetic surgery in Chicago, you will want to protect your investment by keeping the pounds off.  There are gyms, support groups, and apps to help you achieve your goals.

Know Your Gyms

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In Chicago, there are several different types of gyms to choose from, and knowing which one suits you can make the difference between success and failure in your endeavors.  The best way to choose a gym is to find one that has like-minded members.  Begin by figuring out your general goals and your budget.

If you haven’t been exercising for a while, a location packed with muscular gym rats is only going to discourage you.  Instead, seek out one where you can blend in with other rookies. Planet fitness is a great starting place, with a low sign-up fee and easy to use machines.  For an extra fee, you can upgrade your membership to include other locations when you travel, as well as bringing guests.

For anyone who already has a decent base, taking classes is a great way to stay motivated.  Wicker Park Fitness is a small family-owned and operated gym with a great reputation.  They offer yoga, zumba, and bootcamp sessions.  The advantage of group classes is that it will pressure you into establishing a regular exercise routine.

Women’s workout world is another excellent option.  This gym is great for all the ladies who want to feel comfortable among their peers when they workout.  With a relaxed atmosphere, cardio & weight machines, and a no-men policy, this budget gym is a great way to get in shape for spring time.

Get Motivated!


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If you find that you are getting frustrated with attempts to work out in a gym, there are several ways to motivate yourself.  Weight Watchers is an excellent program.  Unlike most diets, it has support group meetings.  Through weekly attendance and weigh-ins, you may find the motivation to push yourself harder, whether it’s jogging an extra mile or picking up an apple instead of a candy bar.  If your schedule is too packed for meetings, another great option is to download apps for your phone or tablet.  There are plenty out there, to keep track of your diet and exercise.

Regardless of which approach you take, it is important to put forth the effort.  Exercise should be more than a new year’s resolution that gets thrown away after two weeks.  Whether you’ve had cosmetic surgery in Chicago or if you’re still trying to lose weight, a gym membership is a great way to be a healthier you by this time next year.

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