How to shop for a computer

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Looking for a fast and cheap computer? One good deal is the Acer Aspire AS5742Z-4646 with a 320GB hard drive, 4GB of RAM and 3.5 hours of battery life. At around $460 with the Pentium P6200 chip it’s a bit less than other fast and cheap computers that have Intel’s I series chips – of which the I3 is cheaper. If battery life is your thing, the Asus UL50AT has a whopping 10 hours, which means you’ll only have another eight hours to kill on the world’s longest flight, from Newark NJ to Singapore – on Singapore Airlines. For touchscreen abilities, you’re often looking at a tablet but that doesn’t mean unaffordable. The Augen Gentouch with Android OS is just $137. But you can’t use Photoshop or Microsoft Office or play games. But if you want it…
Computer shopping is now easier than ever with Sparkbuy, a company that wants to make it “ridiculously easy,” to buy the right computer. The idea was um, sparked as the company’s founder shopped for a personal computer and was overwhelmed by the multitude of choices. He hired someone to research the options and voila, a company was born. At Sparkbuy, you can’t buy a computer from them, they make your computer buying easier. Once you’ve clicked on the features you want, they present the options and the specifications, and then they send you to Amazon or Newegg – which is how they probably generate income. Each computer on their site is rated somewhere between 0 and 10 where zero could be the slowest laptop, but they’re on the hunt for an 11. They’re also collecting data on other gadgets but for now their best help is for laptop computers.

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