How to spy on polar bears

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How to spy on polar bears

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The word “Arctic” comes from the Greek word for bear, and the word “Antarctic” means, “without bears.” As a result, a polar bear, existing only in the Arctic, and a penguin from the Antarctic, would not coexist, peacefully or otherwise – with the possible exception of Photoshop. The only nation in the world where polar bears can hunt without being hunted is Norway. But that doesn’t mean someone couldn’t, um, shoot them. Those who care about the state of daily polar bear life might be interested in the recent adventures of bears and spy cameras in Norway, thanks to the BBC. The cameras named Icebergcam, Blizzardcam and Snowballcam were remotely deployed in polar bear habitats to perform covert duties – shooting their every move.
Snowball cam mostly resembled its name and could dock or undock from Blizzard cam. It could merrily roll along the icy terrain and its creators envisioned it as being somewhat indestructible because the polar bears would not be able to get a solid grip on it. You’ll have to watch what happens. Iceberg cam was never the most interesting of the bunch because one expects icebergs to be colossal and it simply wasn’t. Its saving grace was its ability to shoot underwater for remarkable polar bear hunting coverage. On the other hand, Blizzard cam on skis just rocked. Under remote control, it could ski away from the bears when in jeopardy, all the while shooting incredibly close up footage. Blizzard cam and its buddies could also operate in the extreme weather conditions of polar bear country.

Watch what happens.

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