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If you happen to be in Boston, and are interested in attending a TV show recording session, head on over to MIT. If it’s raining, you’d be well advised to avoid the lawsuit-generating, Frank Gehry designed Stata Center, rumored to be somewhat leaky. Thankfully there are other less flashy but possibly more cozy structure. In any case, somewhere in the cafeteria, behind a grey table and in front of a red curtain, Miro Kazakoff and Tom Rose may just be recording an edition of the MBA Show. It could be compared to The Daily Show, except it satirizes MBA programs at elite universities, especially if they cost a lot – Wharton charges $150,000. Well, the show satirizes other MBA related stuff too but there’s much ado about the rankings and costs at the top ten or so MBA schools.
The two are insiders at MIT’s MBA program. Their idea germinated while interning at the same company – in a “we could do this” moment. While the conventional route to a TV show might be somewhat complex, involving agents and pitches, Kazakoff and Rose set their own path. After all, the web is a democratic medium where all ideas can rise or fall on their own Facebook friendly merits. The first editions of the MBA Show were recorded on rudimentary, laptop computer cameras with an audience of a few invited acquaintances. Soon enough thousands were following the witty web series, “liking” it on Facebook and spreading the word. Now with several thousand global followers, the guys believe they just may have stumbled upon something worth pursuing – other than their soon to be granted MBA degrees.

Who’s more likely to get venture capital?

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