How we are in the new economy index

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How we are in the new economy index

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The state with the highest innovation index in 2010 is Massachusetts. It’s followed by Washington and California, with Maryland and Delaware rounding out the top five. Massachusetts is also tops in high tech jobs, in attracting venture capital, and it has the highest concentration of the fastest growing firms. The most scientists and engineers are in Virginia – probably most of them working for general Dynamics whose employee force of 90,000 worldwide, is greater than the population of several Caribbean islands. Georgia and Arizona are the states with the most entrepreneurial activity. Kentucky and Montana have the most inventor patents. Meanwhile, Utah is the leader in “economic dynamism” – who would have guessed? And what does this have to do with anything, anyway? All these indexes massaged in a large computer somewhere, help analysts decide which states are poised to best navigate the changing global economy.
So where does Minnesota rank in this collection of indexes? Minnesota’s overall score in the “State New Economy Index” put out by the Kauffman Foundation is 13 – Massachusetts is again number one. We are the 12th most innovative state. We are number seven in our Online population, 14th in Online agriculture, and 12th in E-government – who knew we were so connected? All of which means we are near the top in our ability to compete economically. The place where Minnesota is closest to the top is sixth place in terms of knowledge jobs. And really, when it comes to snowstorms, malls and our ability to switch stadiums on a dime, there is perhaps no competition.

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