How we became curators in a disruptive world

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A long time ago a curator worked in a museum, literally “taking care” of precious cultural and historical artifacts. This type of curator required an advanced degree as proof of deep knowledge in a specific subject – and sometimes a specific area of the specific subject. That was then. But now in the era of social media we don’t need deep knowledge, we can all just be curators here – perhaps of our own device. Whether on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr or Instagram, we don’t create content, we share it and the sum total of the content we post on any social media site becomes curated content. We aren’t required to have specific expertise, just an interest, a point of view or an obsession that drives us to collect content and share it. Of course, not all curators are posting things to Pinterest and Facebook. Technology curators are said to be people who can reinterpret a piece of technology and apply it in previously unimagined ways.

One of the reasons we are all able to curate stuff is because of disruptive innovation. Again, the word “disruptive” used to refer to those awful kids down the street, but now disruptive isn’t awful anymore, it’s innovative. Disruptive innovation is thought to be something life changing that didn’t originate in a corporate boardroom, but more likely in dorm rooms and coffee shops. Maybe disruptive innovation is the water of our content curation lives. We are thought to be going through an era of digital disruption where all things analog have gone digital and by extension, mobile. Disruptive devices such as the smartphone have changed the landscape to the point where more people own mobile phones than own toothbrushes – let’s just hope there are alternative ways of freshening breaths. By the time we add up the multitude of connected devices from iPads to Kindles and Xboxes, we already have more connected devices than people on earth. Maybe we’re headed to toward that ultimate disruptive day when the devices begin to rule us.

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