How will you use Timeline?

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By now you know that Facebook Timeline is on the horizon. Some may be worried about what will show up while others may simply not care. In either case it might be a good idea to revisit your data and manually decide on what to feature and what to delete on your Facebook page. Among the people behind Facebook’s Timeline is Nicholas Felton who has been publishing his own creative “timeline” for several years. Back in 2005 Felton published an account of a year in the life of himself, labeling it as his “annual report.” The report included seemingly random data from a person’s life including miles flown, photographs taken, books read and the like. Felton assembled it all with maps, graphs and other tools that we associate with infographics, a form of data presentation that essentially reinvents dry data into a more engaging form. Its popularity would lead him to continue with subsequent annual reports.

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With Facebook’s Timeline, everybody can take a similar approach to the data of their lives. Felton encourages Facebook users to upload videos, photographs and messages from friends to enhance their timelines. At first it can seem like nothing but after a while it has the potential to be an autobiography of sorts. Others involved with Timeline say that the idea behind Timeline was just that – creating an autobiography. Users are encouraged to be authentic and candid. Not just smiley faces. And whether you want to do this or not, Facebook plans to switch you to Timeline regardless.

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