I fi, you fi, we all fi for eye-fi

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Do I fi? Do you fi? Do you know what’s eye-fi? Eye-fi is not hi-fi. Eye-fi is also not what-fi, when-fi or where-fi. And eye-fi is definitely not to be confused with anything, real or imagined, that might be called iFi for iPhone and iPad. And these are not to be confused with “fie on you,” which is not a compliment and doesn’t always have to rhyme with those other fi’s. Eye-fi is the wi-fi for digital photography. Eye-fi doesn’t need cables. It doesn’t even need you. Well, it does need you to point, to shoot, to set the digital camera near a network. And then it needs you to step away from the camera. It knows when there’s a wi-fi network around and it allows you to pre-set the places your photos will go to.
Eye-fi doesn’t give you a better eye for more artistic composition and as such does not make you a better photographer. Instead it has wi-fi technology built into an SD card that magically uploads photos to your computer or Facebook or Flickr. And isn’t “magic” just another word for really smart tricks? Several new digital cameras were developed with eye-fi magic in mind but the cards work with other digital Canons, Nikons and Casios among the possibilities. The cards range in price from $50 to $150, with the higher price equal to better performance. It also takes the hassle out of erasing your memory cards. Pre-set your desired amount of free space and the intelligent eye-fi card figures out which photos have been uploaded and erases the oldest ones. It may not cook you breakfast but there are rumors it can buy you a drink. Meanwhile, shhh! Your camera doesn’t know it’s on the internet or it might try to hookup with other smart cameras.

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