I saw Elvis selling coffee

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I saw Elvis selling coffee

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Those hankering for the next Elvis sighting might consider hanging out at a nearby coffee shop. It is believed that Elvis was a huge coffee drinker though lattes were probably not commonly available in his lifetime. Regardless, if Elvis is spotted at a coffee shop, the probabilities are greater that he might turn up at the Ugly Mug Coffee Company in Memphis. That’s because the folks who manage Elvis products partnered with the Ugly Mug Company back in 2005. Their signature Elvis products, Silent Night, Love Me Tender, Santa Baby and Blue Christmas once generated 4,000 orders in five pre-holiday shopping days. Elvis coffee continues to sell well for Ugly Mug and the Elvis empire.
While marketing ideas are often discussed over coffee, marketing coffee also requires much creativity. The folks at Ugly Mug tackle this in much the same way as other coffee notables. A commitment to “fair trade.” A mission to save the world. Roasting with integrity. The best beans. Freshness. And the list could go on. At Ugly Mug, they started with an attention grabbing name, claiming that their moniker causes them to behave in the opposite way. But what truly sets them apart is their clever marketing, featuring cute names, half-awake people and fun prose on the packaging. It’s one way to distinguish Ugly Mug, which started as a hole-in-the-wall hangout, from large brands which have often squeezed Ugly Mug out of retail shelf space.


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