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An unconventional business model is the least you can say about the latest thing to scream about in the world of ice cream. Perhaps it’s not so unconventional in New York City, but subscribing to an ice cream service where you only get one pint a month and you can only sign up for three months at a time, and, you pay $50 for the privilege, would seem outrageous in most places. That’s $17 for a single pint. And by the way, if you love a flavor, tough luck. The maker of this brand of ice cream doesn’t want to repeat any flavors. Way to go, to create buzz, desire and market share in a crowded space. The waiting list is 1,500 and growing.
Originally Diana Hardeman and her friends set out to make ice cream in a NYC apartment kitchen for their own consumption. That’s the story anyway. Apparently she brought some to a party and all of sudden, Milkmaid Ice Cream the business was up and running. Obviously, you can’t sell ice cream from your kitchen, so she rented a commercial kitchen and began creating offbeat flavors. Some of those never-to-be-repeated flavors include, Irish Car Bomb with Guinness, Honey Lavender Granola and Chocolate Candy Cane, none of which seem that unconventional given the vast spectrum of ice cream flavors in the market place. But she hand delivers each pint to eagerly anticipating customers – it keeps them waiting. Hardeman does have a business degree and she is planning to expand her volume, though very slowly.

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