If you can dream it – Avatar is possible

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It is rumored that Google and Apple are slugging it out in the tech world as they each try to acquire tech properties in the real life Silicon Valley Monopoly game. As yet we have no idea who’s winning but some time in the future we fully expect a digital 3-D movie on this epic battle. But for now we’ll have to settle for “Avatar,” the James Cameron dream come true, decades in the making. While Cameron wrote the movie in 1995, it is reported that the director as a young truck driver dreamed a dream of something along the lines of Luke Skywater and Darth Vader. But the force was not with him at that time.
Back in 1995 James Cameron envisioned “Avatar,” with ten foot long, blue people with tails. He envisioned that they would be computer generated but they would look real. He wanted them to also be viewed in digital 3-D. Such a product was merely in his imagination because the technology for creating and viewing this film did not yet exist. Reports are that Cameron met with Sony to prod their engineers to change the design of their hi-def camera for better maneuverability. The design should also address the common experience of 3-D films triggering headaches after extended viewing. Soon enough Sony delivered the appropriate camera to Cameron’s people. In the style of a farmer in the digital deli, the acquisitions continued.
Cameron hired someone to create a language that would be called “Na’vi” and would have its own sounds and grammatical structure. It is said that during filming, actors would be called out for mispronouncing a word that didn’t exist except in Cameron’s head. Later on, there would be a botanist to create scientific representations of Pandora’s plant species. Expertise also came from physicists, archaeologists and musicians. Then he helped promote the digital 3-D format to theaters. Hopefully, some dreams can be realized with less effort.

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