If you had a billion dollars

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Published on February 05, 2017 with 2 Comments

Well, if you had a billion dollars at the beginning of the year, chances are you have less now. But if you had a billion dollars now, the marketplace is overflowing with stuff to help you live large. That’s because the downturn of 2009 has left the world’s billionaires scrambling to unload their champagne wishes and caviar dreams-come-true. If you had a billion dollars, you could buy your loved ones a yacht. But not any yacht. You could buy the 164-footer Mangusta 165 from James Packer who inherited his dad’s media fortune only to lose $3.2 billion of it. Asking price is $34 million but it’s a buyer’s market.
If you had billion dollars, you could by an exotic property, like a private Caribbean island in the Turks and Caicos, listed at $75 million. But owner, Tim Blixeth, who originally sold donkeys and timberland (not the shoes), is rumored to be considering trades. His ex-wife is also selling a castle in France for $75 million. But even if you have a billion dollars, you couldn’t buy Veronica Hearst’s 52-room, Florida mansion. It was foreclosed and sold for $22 million at an auction.
If you had a billion dollars, you wouldn’t have to fly coach anymore. You’d buy one of several Gulfstream jets because it costs more. A cheaper one is $28.5 million while another is around $50 million, thanks to billionaire divorces and reversals of fortune. If you had that billion dollars you could buy a hotel in Turkey for $200 million, a bargain against the previous asking price of $350 million. You could buy the soccer team owned by Bjorgolfur Gudmundsson, who isn’t as his name suggests, a golfer, but was a bank owner and reigned as the second richest man in Icelandic history. But if you really had a billion dollars, you’d be rich.

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  1. If you spent 1 dollar every second it would take 31 years to spend 1 billion of them. Doesn’t seem like so much now.

  2. Not much to say other than it is really ironic that the rich people article has a picture of a guy with one dollar bills. 😉