iFixit: A repair manual app for your technology

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Got broken technology? Doesn’t everybody? This is why iFixit, a repair manual app is so popular. Even more, it’s a free app. Technically the iFixit app is for repairing all sorts of things, not just technology. You could use it to fix your car or your toaster, but chances are real gearheads don’t need apps, and toaster geeks are few and far between. What’s left are cameras, PCs, iPods, tablets and game consoles. Whether it’s a Playstation or Nintendo game system, a Leica , Nikon or Panasonic camera, or just about any iDevice, iFixit has the repair instructions. But wait, there’s more. You can also buy the correct set of tools from the iFixit people. There’s the Pro Tech Toolkit for around $60 that just happens to be the “industry standard” for computer repair technicians and businesses. And who would have guessed there are iPod and iPhone parts including replacement batteries?

Beyond its repair manual, iFixit is known for its gadget teardowns, otherwise known as “digital autopsies.” Even if you’re not the type to repair your gadgets, iFixit is a cool site for checking out the inner self of your device. The iFixit people already got their hands on a Microsoft Surface and within “a good twenty minutes,” the teardown was underway. One interesting discovery was that the Surface has a “tamper-evident seal,” so they’ll know if you took it apart and claimed otherwise. It turns out that the Kindle Fire is as easy to open as Nexus 7, which is easier to open than an iPad. Based on the teardown, an iPhone 5 is easier to repair than other iPhones, and swapping out a cracked iPhone 5 screen is “easier than ever.” After the teardown, iFixit also assigns a repairability score to each device. As it turns out, the Apple MacBook Pro is thought to be the least repairable device around. We eagerly await the iPad mini teardown.

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