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It is said that the simple things are free and that not all dreams must have a golden fleece, “or any fleece at all.” It has also been said that the iPad is a silly thing even as it flies off shelves, if it actually even sits on shelves. With this in mind, it could be said that Soundrop, just recently released for iPad, is a simple app with not much “fleece.” But pairing Soundrop with the iPad has got to be the surest path to endless and compelling fun. And while fun and compelling aren’t often paired up, they really ought to be.
Soundrop for iPhone and iPad has that certain “je ne se quoi,” of other addictive and entertaining apps. Some think of it as musical geometry because it involves drawing lines and there is a musical sound emanating from it. But it isn’t math and it may not be music. But it doesn’t have to be defined to be fun. In Soundrop, a tiny circle functions as a spigot, dispensing balls at intervals. Players draw lines on the device’s screen or playing surface. The balls bounce off the lines and make sounds which become more musical as balls are added. More lines add different dynamics to the sounds but some are convinced that fewer lines are more musical. Either way, it’s not easy to stop playing around with lines and balls.
Of course Soundrop is great on any device, but its entertainment impact is much greater on the iPad with its larger screen and better sound. A larger area for drawing lines and playing with more balls. Perhaps if people were compelled to have fun in order to have work, rather than the other way around, everyone would be compelled to play Soundrop on iPads – at least for a while.

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