Infographics: New York startup cluster – the frontier is being pulled back to the East

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NY startups & outsourcing trends mapped onto infographics.

New York City Area is garnering the fame of the second longed-for destination for the ambitious and the audacious. Now US startup scene has two major marks on the map: Silicon Valley and Silicon Alley, and entrepreneurial spirit is bidirectionally distributed with 3078 startup companies in Silicon Valley and 2724 entrepreneurs in New York City Area.

Despite the fact that both of these ecosystems are tech-savvy and vibrant, they have different faces: unlike Silicon Valley tech giants and digerati that often cherish the idea of “Technology for the Sake of Technology”, New York startups are more consumer-faced, since the area has traditionally been treated as the US financial hub, fashion mecca, and as a vibrant digital advertising and mass media trend-setter. No wonder NYC landscape bears this distinguishing characteristic and blends technology advancements into its well-rounded ecosystem. Just have a look at NY Tech Meetup list of successful Internet companies and Top 15 New York Startups, according to Area Startups (with one of the leading publishing houses such as Huffington Post, digital ad agency CPX Interactive and a neat online collection of vintage storefronts Etsy featured among the top companies).

NYC is a blossoming fresh startup ecosystem that is in the spotlight of many investors and business angels, and draws in more and more VC investments. Internet and healthcare companies have proved to be the top alluring sectors for those, who put stakes on the startup potential (64% and 16% respectively), and mobile and telecom, and software niches (gaining 6% each) go just after them. The vibrant spirit of the area creates favourable conditions for further development of the ecosystem: accelerators, co-working spaces and incubators for ambitious New York entrepreneurs mushroom out at a breakneck pace, pushing all engaged in this movement to shape the online publicity around this community with interactive maps and active online playgrounds for startups like Uncovering New York Startups.

Of course, many of Internet entrepreneurs before entering into stable revenue-generating phase wouldn’t overlook “outsourcing” as an opportunity to go live at reduced costs. There are plenty of the options out there be it onshore, nearshore or offshore. Obviously, each option has its evident pros and cons, when stacked up against each other or against complete in-house business management. However, the trend is evident – outsourcing remains ascendant, despite deep-rooted myths and skepticism about the phenomenon as a viable way to optimize expenditure. 

Right now this leaves us with a question “How would outsourcing trends map onto the NYC startup scene, if they would map at all?…”

New York startups and outsourcing

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