Ingenious use of fragrance

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From before the time of Pliny the Elder to now fragrance has taken on a dizzying array of uses. They’re in room and car air fresheners, in candles, in sprays for athletes’ shoes and bags and even in the pantry. Not to mention, every celebrity has one. But now an Iranian “inventor” has come up with an entirely new use for fragrance: Deceit perfume. And no, this isn’t something that a cheating spouse might use to cover his tracks, though nothing can be ruled out anymore. This Iranian inventor created a device that can spread perfume over vast areas in order to camouflage the smell of gun powder. The choices for Iran’s troops range from fresh air, to seaside and rainy weather to tea. Tea? Perhaps they’re expecting the queen.

Imagine for a moment a fierce gun battle with lots of firearms being discharged. Along come the backup troops sniffing around for the evidence. Where is that gunpowder smell? Nothing. Ah, but there in the forest, or desert or mountains is the pleasing scent of – musk? The backup troops approach, perhaps without caution due to the pleasing scent. Tragedy for them. Iranian troops win with perfume. What an invention? In any case, this just might herald an entirely new aspect of the defense industry: the fragrance units. Opposing sides might even attempt to defeat the others with their own deceit fragrances. Perfume v perfume.

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