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Today Dorothy Parker’s words, “Men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses,” are outmoded for so many reasons but mostly because eyeglasses are now enjoying the spotlight as more fashion statement than functional item. In fact, people who don’t even have vision problems have been known to buy a spectacle or two just for image sake. That’s because glasses define people in a way that some people, Andy Warhol for example, have part of their identity aligned with their glasses.
But some people refuse to be slaves to the fashionable thinking on eyeglasses. They continue to hew close to the functional aspect of this accessory. A physics professor has come up with a technologically advanced pair of glasses that can be adjusted to fit your vision requirements without the intervention of an optometrist – and isn’t it usually a physics professor in these cases?
From a scientific angle, the glasses are sort of like your argon filled windows, except that the lens filling is an oil. And the frames are like Harry Potter’s. But wait there’s more. The liquid-filled lenses are also attached to a syringe full of more oil. The idea here is that the wearer will add or subtract oil to or from the lenses until 20/20 vision is achieved. All of which sounds great in theory. No word on whether you’ll have to go in for an oil change every 3,000 minutes. Rumors are that oil leaks have been addressed already. To be fair, the technology is aimed at trimming the high cost of eyeglasses so that they’re affordable by people worldwide.
But ultimately, practical as the oil-filled glasses may be, they can’t give you that wise professor, or tormented writer or hot guy next door look. Though going around looking like Harry Potter might not be a terrible thing. Either way, it’s nice to know that technology continues to plod on in an effort to make our lives easier.

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