Instant DVD and Blu-ray with VUDU

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Instant DVD and Blu-ray with VUDU

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Just last month, Netflix and Warner Brothers agreed that when new movies are released on DVD and Blu-ray, customers would have to wait almost a month to get these titles from Netflix. This would allow Warner Brothers an opportunity to sell the titles before Netflixers moved them to the top of the cue. But even as the cage fighting between instant gratification and delayed gratification enthusiasts ensue, VUDU is hopping in to the rescue. “We’re all digital,” say the folks at VUDU, “a high definition, on-demand movie service,” noting that Blu-ray and DVD titles would be available to customers the same day they’re released.
Viewers of the Superbowl may have noticed the miniscule mention of VUDU in the Vizio advertisement where robotic hands grab Beyonce and popular YouTube stars then drop them into the cauldron of Vizio Internet apps. VUDU has an agreement to deliver its service through Vizio’s new internet connected television sets. But VUDU also has its own apps for photos, music and social networking among others. It has also crafted agreements with several manufacturers of television sets and Blu-ray disc players to get content to customers as quickly and efficiently as possible.
While some folks are happy to have the set-top VUDU box and 1080p quality, others are quite critical. It’s not portable. It doesn’t stream from networked PCs. While it’s integrated with Wikipedia and Rotten Tomatoes, it doesn’t have built-in Wi-fi. Though the unusual ergonomic remote is fun, the movies can be expensive. Rentals are only for 24 hours. Plus there is that bandwidth question. And the list goes on. Still, fans of digital downloads are charmed and not yet ready to stick a pin into VUDU.

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