Intel & AMD: Let the chips fall

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The people at Intel think that analytics is somewhat like a party. They’re speculating that each behavior is worth a certain number of points and that party success can be measured on a point system. Sitting in the corner might be worth just a few points, whereas intense mingling with lots of personal exchanges could be worth more. It isn’t clear how many points they would allocate to wild dancing. Similarly with metrics, where once the number of clicks and double clicks mattered, the folks at Intel believe those factors aren’t enough to show the level of clicker engagement. All of this matters to Intel because it’s known for being inside things rather than being on store shelves. Consequently, they have arrived at the point system for ad placement decisions.
Beyond their party and points analogy, even as a certain Tablet PC is getting all the buzz, Intel is pushing awareness of their Light Peak technology. Faster than the super-speed USB 3.0, Light Peak will allow you to download an entire Blu-ray movie in less than 30 seconds. Not quite the speed of light but that’s probably coming soon. Now with Sony and Nokia interested in Light Peak, they believe it will be in PCs by this time next year. What the half billion connected world citizens want is interconnectivity, say the Intel folks. And they’re ready to deliver.
Meanwhile, their rivals at AMD are raving about their latest Eyefinity technology that allows computers to be hooked up to several screens for multiple displays. With “surround-sight,” a user can view up to six applications without clicking around, which is thought to be a bit of a time waster. Additionally, they’re truly psyched about their entire line of Vision technology in three versions – one for ordinary CDs and DVDs, another for Blu-ray and yet another for those who plan to edit movies. Plus their technology is in some of the world’s largest supercomputers. And who would have even been thinking supercomputers if not for Seymour Cray?

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